Iceberg Cyber vs. RapidFire Tools: Cybersecurity for MSPs Review

March 3, 2023
Iceberg Cyber vs. RapidFire Tools: Cybersecurity for MSPs Review

RapidFire Network Detective and Iceberg Cyber are two of the top-rated cybersecurity companies on the market that are geared towards MSPs. 

But what does each company do? And how are they different?

In today’s blog, we’re going to break down both MSP Cybersecurity providers and give you our (slightly biased*) recommendation for which one to use. 

Let’s jump in. 

*Full Disclosure: Of course we recommend that you use Iceberg Cyber for your MSP cybersecurity provider 😉. However, in this article, we’re going to stick to the facts so that you can make the best informed decision for your managed service provider.

What is MSP Cybersecurity?

First things first, let’s cover what MSP cybersecurity is. 

Cybersecurity in general is the practice of protecting data, systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

Cybersecurity for MSPs simply means that the cybersecurity service is geared towards Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients. 

The cybersecurity service can be whitelabeled, meaning the MSP can sell it as its own product, or it can simply be an additional service for the MSP to offer and manage for each client. 

Cybersecurity is such an important service for Managed Service Providers to offer their clients, especially as it continues to be the #1 business concern for small business owners heading into 2023. 

A good cybersecurity service will not only protect client’s systems and programs from cyber attacks, but it will help the MSP fix any cyber security weaknesses as well. 

But more on that later.

Comparing Cybersecurity for MSPs: RapidFire Tools vs Iceberg Cyber

Let’s walk through a few critical features that every MSP will want in a cybersecurity service and see how each provider stacks up. 

Cybersecurity for MSPs comparison
Comparison of Leading Cybersecurity for MSP Software

MSP Cybersecurity Review

Automated IT Assessment Reports

YES - Iceberg Cyber

YES - RapidFire Tools

Both companies do a great job of providing automated cyber security reports for MSPs and their clients. The reports can be scheduled and customized for the managed service provider and their preferences. 

One slight difference is that RapidFire Tools requires your technicians to configure & schedule the assessments. Iceberg Cyber makes this process painless with setup that does not require a technician and gives you the option to send the automated reports directly to the end client. 

Here is a preview of what you receive with both companies: 

RapidFire Tools for MSPs
RapidTools Net Detective Report
Cybersecurity for MSPs Software
Iceberg Cyber Automated Report

Continuous Cyber Security Scanning

YES - Iceberg Cyber

KIND OF - RapidFire Tools

While both RapidFire Tools and Iceberg Cyber offer 24/7 cyber security monitoring for MSP clients, RapidFire Tools sells this service as an individual product - known as CyberHawk - separate from its IT assessment tool. 

Iceberg Cyber includes 24/7 cyber security scanning & real-time alerts all within its simple monthly license for MSPs. No add-ons or hidden fees.

Executive Summary Reports

YES - Iceberg Cyber

YES - RapidFire Tools

Both MSP cybersecurity companies provide a great option for Executive Summary Reports.  

We know that business owners are busy. That’s why it’s great that both companies created a quick and simple report that’s easy to understand and digest for business owners. 

Variety of Reports

NO - Iceberg Cyber

YES - RapidFire Tools

When it comes to the type of cyber security report that you receive, RapidFire’s Network Detective offers more variety.

Here is a list of the hundreds of reports that MSPs can download for their clients with RapidFire Tools. 

Iceberg Cyber took a more simple approach to cyber security, with 1 clean, simple executive report for business owners that grades their 4 key business areas (passwords & emails, websites, networks, and office equipment), and a much longer detailed report for MSPs. No complexity, no tweaking, no technician time spent configuring. Simple, consistent, pain-free reports.

You can download their sample report here.

Playbook of Action Items

YES - Iceberg Cyber

YES - RapidFire Tools

For MSPs, this feature is likely the most valuable. 

Each month, Iceberg Cyber provides a detailed playbook for the Managed Service Provider that lists out all of the action items to take in order to fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities for each client. 

RapidFire Network Detective provides a similar report as one of its options. 

This is a great way to upsell services to clients. Rather than merely providing a status report each month, you have a task list to show each client what needs to be done in order to become cyber safe. 

Then, it’s time to get to work. 

Easy Sign Up Process

YES - Iceberg Cyber

YES - RapidFire Tools

Both companies boast about their easy sign up process. 

With RapidFire Tools, you need to request admin access from your client before utilizing the full reports. 

Then, it will take 5-10 minutes to set up each client. 

With Iceberg Cyber, you are able to generate a comprehensive report with just your client’s website URLs, employee emails, and IP addresses - no client admin access required.

The sign up process only takes a minute at the most. 

We can even ship our network appliance, the Iceberg Sensor, directly to your client and you never have to step foot on site. True plug & play experience for you and your clients.

Affordable Pricing

YES - Iceberg Cyber

NO - RapidFire Tools

Cost is a common question that Managed Service Providers ask when researching outsourced cybersecurity tools or other add-on. 

Using an expensive cybersecurity tool will likely either deter your clients or drastically cut into your margins. 

Iceberg Cyber offers one of the most affordable cybersecurity services for MSPs on the market. 

You can view their pricing for small businesses here, and get in touch with the team to enquire about more cost effective MSP licenses. 

While RapidFire Tools does not explicitly list their pricing on the website, market reviews have indicated that the comprehensive suite will add on hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to each client, each month. 

Whitelabeling Option

YES - Iceberg Cyber

YES - RapidFire Tools

With both Iceberg Cyber and RapidTools Network Detective, you can change the logo on each report to match the client or your own company. 

So there you have it - a comprehensive review of MSP cybersecurity companies RapidFire Tools Network Detective Pro and Iceberg Cyber. 

We strongly recommend adding on cybersecurity to your Managed Service Provider services. Don’t just take our word for it, check out your free trial at Iceberg Cyber and be the judge.

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