How MSPs grow their business using cyber.

The 3-step MSP sales system guaranteed to earn new recurring revenue - even if you don't have a sales team.

Use cyber to power your sales process in 3 simple steps.

Use cybersecurity as your difference maker. Attract the attention of new clients. Show them why you can protect them. Keep them happy with Cyber Reports that empower instead of bore.

Iceberg Cyber - Cyber Report Sample

Give value with 24hr Cyber Reports

Give first then ask. Stop charging prospects $500 for an assessment that scares them. Provide value, show off your expertise, and empower your Sales Team to close deals painlessly.

Iceberg Cyber - Cyber Prospecting Process

Be their Cyber Expert to close the deal

No one wants to hear a slick sales pitch. They want a trusted advisor. Turn Cyber Reports into personalized scripts so good your sales team will feel like the cross between Mr. Robot & the Wolf of Wall Street.

Cyber monitoring built for small Managed Service Providers.

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Flexible monthly contracts

3-year contracts are like handcuffs. That's not how we operate. You need the flexibility. Our monthly subscriptions adapt as you need.

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Easily find your ideal clients

Search, sort, and rank prospects based on their personalized Cyber Scores. Find the decision maker & their contact info. All-in-one Cyber Prospecting.

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Prioritize & patch painlessly

Not all cyber risks are worth your time to fix. We do the grunt work of finding, filtering, and prioritizing so your techs can focus on what matters.

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QBR reporting dashboard

Track each client's Cyber Score and show them how you've been keeping them secure. Don't make them guess.

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Multi-tenant made for MSPs

Manage all your Prospects and Clients from one simple view. Plain & simple. See everyone's assets & vulnerabilities.

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Tasks straight to your PSA

Point & click to send tasks to your PSA tool so you can assign them to techs and bill the hours to your clients.

Image of the Iceberg Cyber - Cyber Score Card

Cyber powered prospecting built for small MSPs.

Start showing your prospects something they actually care about. Leave the postcards in the past and grab their attention with Cyber Scores 💯

Iceberg Cyber - Cyber Score Card and Cyber Report Sample

Close more deals, faster.

Are you still mailing postcards? You can't track how well they work, you never even know if prospects even get them. It's time to modernize your prospecting process. Use their personalized Cyber Scores to prioritize who you prospect then show them something meaningful so they can see you mean business instead of just dialing for dollars.

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$72k ARR

Results with impact

Send 40 emails in 4 weeks you will get 1 new upsell each month!

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24 hours

Faster assessments

Point & click in 24 hours. No techs required.

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Find your starving crowd

Prospect your niche in 30s with personalized Cyber Scores.

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5x ROI

Cyber Upselling

Jumpstart your Managed Security offer with an easy $500/mon upsell.

Create your account today.

We don't hide our pricing to squeeze you into high priced contracts. You can start prospecting with Cyber Scores today. For free!

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1. Create an account

This is the easy part. Multi-tenant with Multi-Factor Authentication built for MSPs.

Iceberg Cyber - Cyber Score Card Sample

2. Get some Cyber Scores

Our entire Prospecting database is free for you to use. Dark Web reports in an instant.

Iceberg Cyber - Cyber Prospecting Process

3. Send them to prospects

We want you to make money before we do. Land your first client even before you pay.

Designed for small Managed Service Providers.

Tired of having to pay a premium for cyber tools built for giant MSPs? You need the enterprise-grade quality but with the price and contract flexibility that matches your small business needs. We've got you covered 💪

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Sales teams

Founder lead sales?  Solo shop? Just got a couple sales people? We've built this prospecting tool exactly for you 🎯

Quick & valuable personalized Cyber Scores so you can find the prospect's pain fast and show them how you'll fill that gap.

Sales Teams - Dataplus X Webflow Template
Sales Teams - Dataplus X Webflow Template
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You don't need another widget or some complicated AI to tell you how to do your job.
Patch Management is all about getting the right intel at the right time.

See what devices need updates across your full client environment. Fast. Painless. Patched.

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Account Managers

Are clients just blowing off your QBRs because they've been bored to death? They don't care how many tickets you've closed.

Quarterly Business Reviews are your chance to show how secure you've kept them. Defended them from 16 cyber attacks? Now that will get them excited 🤯

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Start using Cyber to power your prospecting.