Cyber Security built for Small Businesses

Your clients are facing security risks from all sides. Stop scrambling. Gain actionable insights so you can stay ahead of the game. Know their weak points before they become pain points. Track breached accounts from the Dark Web, weaknesses in their Websites, holes in their Networks, and vulnerabilities in their Devices. This is small business Patch Management made simple.
Managed Service Provider MSP Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

It's all about the box

Vulnerability monitoring so easy you won't even need to send a tech on site. Plug it in and walk away.
Auto Dealership Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Forget about Report Fatigue

Don't waste your time on reading reports. We prioritize remediation actions so your techs don't have to.
Auto Dealership Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Security for any Client

No minimum licenses. No long term contracts to lock you in. Secure your clients and stay flexible.

Whoever you are we've got you covered

We help every business with cyber security monitoring. Keep your websites running securely, protect your corporate data, and secure your office network with Iceberg Cyber.
Managed Service Provider MSP Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Managed Services Provider

Smart Buildings Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Smart Buildings

Accountants and Lawyers Law Firms Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

accountants & Lawyers

Auto Dealership Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Auto Dealerships

IT Firms Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Tech Company

Cyber Security Monitoring Small Business

Small Business Owners

Iceberg Cyber Cyber Security Monitoring

Want to add Cyber to your stack?

We work with top-rated MSPs to outsource and/or whitelabel our cyber security services so that you can provide more value to your clients.

Cyber Security Monitoring for Documents
Monitor your business for hackers 24/7

Sit back and relax. Iceberg Cyber will monitor your passwords, files, and websites to find weaknesses before hackers do. If we see an intruder, you'll receive a real-time alert to shut down damages before they spread.

Cyber Security Monitoring for Businesses
Receive a Cyber Check each month

You'll never wonder whether your business has vulnerabilities that make it easy to hack. We'll send you a quick Cyber Check each month that will tell you in 10 seconds or less how many risks you're taking. We find the obvious vulnerabilities before intruders do.

Cyber Security Monitoring for Business
Give your IT Firm a list of actions to fix

After we find your cyber weaknesses, we'll provide an exhaustive list of ways to fix them. That's right - we'll tell you how to fix them! You can give this list to your IT person, Managed Service Provider, or other security guru who can tighten up the doors and windows to your business.



Keep Passwords, Files, Emails Private

Run automated searches of the Dark Web to ensure your passwords and files haven’t been breached. 

Lock Your Website Down

Secure your website against hackers and make it a secure place for customers to transact. 

Secure Network  from Outsiders

Lock the windows and doors of your office computers, printers, and servers with continuous monitoring of your external network. 

Turn Devices into Fortresses

Get your Iceberg Sensor and continuously profile every computer, phone, and server for weakness before they are exploited. Plug & Play security.

Cyber Security Monitoring for Every Business

Anti-Malware / Antivirus

Protects for computer viruses
Monitors malicious cyber activity

IT Person

Troubleshoots IT Infrastructure
Monitors malicious cyber activity

Iceberg Cyber

Continous cyber security monitoring for your business & personal life

Get Set Up In Minutes

It only takes a few minutes to get setup with Iceberg Cyber and receive instant, continuous protection. 

Iceberg Cyber Cyber Brief Cyber Security Monitoring Service

Verify Your Details

Tell us a few details such as your website URL and employee emails you want to cover. 


Scan Initial Threats

We’ll run an initial scan to let you know of any immediate cyber threats. 


Receive Monthly Reports

Sit back and relax. We’ll send you monthly Cyber Reports to give you a quick glance into the health of your cyber security.