Risk monitoring built for all small MSPs.

Keep your clients secure without blowing your margins. Make vulnerability monitoring simple with plug & play scans so easy your techs can patch without all the leg work.

Iceberg Sensor is a plug and plug vulnerability monitoring tool

As easy as plug & play

So much power in the palm of your hands. The Iceberg Sensor just needs power and an ethernet port. Walk away and let it do the rest.

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Zero effort setup

No assembly required. Your Iceberg Sensor will automatically detect all the network connected devices.

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Automatic vulnerability scans

Hunt down all the out-of-date software, misconfigured services, and CVEs within your client networks.

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Reports straight to your portal

Full Asset Inventory and Vulnerability Playbooks straight to your multi-tenant technician portal.

Secure your clients with the 4 Pillars of cyber risk

Your clients have a risk profile that is constantly changing. Stay ahead of the criminals so you can patch their vulnerabilities before they become damages.

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See the full picture of email impersonation risks and data breaches from the Dark Web.

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Detailed inspection of plugins, encryption, & website vulnerabilities to fulfill insurance requirements.

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Constantly monitor for open ports, risky services, and rogue devices exposed to the wide open internet.

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Extend your patch management beyond your RMM. Track software updates on all network devices.

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Risk reports that actually make sense to clients

Tired of doing all this hard work just to have the client bored to sleep when you explain it to them? The THUD factor isn't working.

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Auto generated monthly reports

Don't stress about staying on top of vulnerability reports. Create them on demand or set them to a monthly routine.

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Short and sweet risk intel

Your clients don't want to read 40 pages of tech jargon. Show them a 1 page executive summary to nail your point.

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Task tracking straight to your PSA

Keep track of your patches and make sure you bill for your time. One-click integration straight into your PSA tool.

Start using Cyber to power your prospecting.