About Iceberg Cyber

It's our mission to defend small businesses from cyber crime. We do that by supporting Managed Service Providers in selling and delivering security services to their clients.

About Our Company - Dataplus X Webflow Template
About Our Company - Dataplus X Webflow Template
About Our Company - Dataplus X Webflow Template
About Our Company - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Our impact in numbers.

When we do our jobs right, our MSP partners thrive in securing their clients from the ever evolving threat of cyber crime.

We are not shy to get out there and work hard for our partners. In 2023 Team Iceberg was at 106 events to meet, learn, and share about cyber security, Managed Service Providers, and all things tech.

Cyber Scores for SMBs
High CVEs tracked in 2023
Assets monitored in 2023

Meet our amazing team.

Check out the people behind Team Iceberg.

Picture of Michael from the Iceberg Cyber team
CEO & Founder

Michael Bakaic

Captain of this pirate crew

Picture of Liam from the Iceberg Cyber team

Liam Metke

Architect of all things Iceberg

Picture of Steven from the Iceberg Cyber team

Steven Ding

Admiral of Iceberg's fleet

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See us in action

Team Iceberg

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Our values.

Who we are is what makes up what we do.

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Cyber criminals are on the cutting edge and so are we.

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We move fast and learn on the fly. Just like our partners.

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We are greater than the sum of our parts.

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Aim not to just be better than others but better than yourself.

The story behind how we got started.

We live in a new world where it has become very profitable for cyber criminals to attack small businesses at scale. In this challenge we found our ethos: defenders against cyber crime.

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An idea is born

COVID stats started coming out showing how SMBs were being ravaged by cyber crime. That was our call to duty.

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Lighting the rocket

Team Iceberg joins Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst startup accelerator with mentors from eSentirePriority Map

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The tip of the iceberg

Officially incorporated Team Iceberg lands our first client and the game has officially begun.

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MSP Portal Version 1.0 launched

Graduating from manually created PDFs makes life much easier.

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Version 2.0 launched

9 months of user feedback bundled in to a major update to make Cyber Prospecting & Monitoring easier than ever.

Cyber Scores around the world.

With over 10 million Cyber Scores, we are simplifying cybersecurity for MSPs worldwide! Want to see where we are today?

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Start using Cyber to power your prospecting.