Here's a Cyber Security Report Example

July 30, 2023
Here's a Cyber Security Report Example

Have you received a cyber security report from your IT firm, but not sure what it means? 

Or maybe you’ve never received a cyber security report and you want to! 

How else will you know how secure your business is from hackers? 

In this blog, we’re talking all things Cyber Security Reports, including what they are, how often you should get them, and what you should be looking for in your next Cyber Security Report. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Cyber Security Report?

Cyber Security Reports are used as a quick way to diagnose how safe, or unsafe, your business is from hackers. 

A Cyber Security Report is a document that reports on the health of your cyber activity. 

They are typically provided by IT Firms or Managed Service Providers, or sometimes directly by the cyber security firm itself, like we do here at Iceberg Cyber. 

Inside, you’ll usually find a long list of vulnerabilities or weaknesses that need to be fixed across your cyber activity in order to “batten down the hatches” and make your business less prone to malicious cyber activity. 

How Often Should You Get Cyber Security Reports?

We recommend reviewing the health of your cyber activity on a monthly basis. 

You should be receiving a Cyber Security Report at least once a month.

It’s important to understand that cyber activity can change in seconds. There is an average of 4 new large data breaches per month. That means your passwords could be stolen 4 times per month! There are 2500 new computer vulnerabilities discovered per month! That means 2500 new ways hackers can break in and steal your data.

That’s why it’s so important to have around-the-clock monitoring of your business to know in real-time when your network has been breached. 

You can learn more about our 24/7 monitoring service here.

What Does a Cyber Security Report Look Like?

Cyber Security Report Example

A typical Cyber Security Report is mainly used by your IT firm or MSP to know which critical areas to fix around your business - including website, emails, and passwords - in order to keep your business safe. 

In other words? It usually looks like a bunch of tech jargon to the untrained eye - with a long list of technical terms and tasks that mean nothing to the every day business owner. 

Here at Iceberg Cyber, we’re changing all of that. 

Our Cyber Security Report includes both things - an easy-to-understand Cyber Brief for the business owner and a more detailed playbook for your IT firm that lists out the technical items to fix. 

Here’s a Cyber Security Report Example

Cyber Security Report Example 2023
Download your Sample Cyber Report Here

Here’s an example of what a Cyber Security Report looks like. 

At Iceberg Cyber, we protect all four corners of your business: your employee data, websites, network, and office equipment. 

Each month, you’ll receive a quick checklist like the one above that tells you from first-glance which areas of your business are not secure. 

When you click on the Detailed Report, you’ll be able to download a more technical document that you can give to your IT department to fix the vulnerabilities that are found. 

You can download your own sample cyber report for free here.

Are you curious to learn more about Iceberg Cyber? 

Here’s a quick video to explain our 24/7 monitoring and monthly Cyber Security Report services:

You can get your first Cyber Security Report by heading over to our website here. 

Simply enter a few details including your website and email address and we’ll start generating your first report. 

Is your business safe from hackers? 

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